Is it possible to paint the facade of the house in the heat?

We are often asked: «Is it possible to paint the facade of the house in the heat?» We decided to write a detailed article with advice on painting the facade of the house.

The facade of the house is his face, which first of all draws attention to all who pass by. A beautiful, neat and timely renovated facade is able to become a real home decoration, replacing the rich and beautiful exterior decoration. Well, if the facade of the building needs repair long ago, it is painted badly, then looking at the house even from afar is unpleasant.

paint the facade

The need to paint the facade of the building

When deciding whether to paint a building, first of all, take into account the material from which the facade is made. Bricks and panels should not be painted — there will be no effect from this work, it is better to cover them with a special impregnation or carefully seal the inter-panel seams. Well, wood and stone can not only be painted, but also for several reasons.

First of all, painting the building significantly extends its service life, protecting the facade from harmful atmospheric influences. Secondly, the painted facade looks a lot more aesthetic, especially if it's right to choose the paint. And, thirdly, the paint protects the house from excess moisture and mold, which is a real scourge of internal walls.

paint the facade

Signs that the facade needs to be painted

It is not difficult to understand that the façade is time to paint. The need for this work is clearly indicated by the following signs:

  • Blurred old paint.

If the paint on the facade swelled with bubbles and began to fall off, it's time to think about how to paint it again.

  • Tarnished paint color.

Over time, the paint on the facade strongly fades in the sun, so as the brightness decreases, the facade needs to be painted again.

  • Mold on the walls.

Paint protects the house from dampness and mold, if the protective properties of it are weakened, it is necessary to take care of painting the facade anew.

Tips for painting the facade of a building

The facade coloring, like any other work, has its own rules and principles. The main advice for those who decided to take up the painting of the facade:

  • Before starting work, store gloves, goggles and long-sleeved clothing.

Many paints irritate the skin when it hits it, the more dangerous is the accidentally accidental paint in the eyes.

  • Before proceeding with painting, it is worth carefully removing the old paint layer from the facade.

The new paint on the old painted layer will go badly and poorly.

  • Windows and facade elements that do not need to be painted should be covered with newspapers or film if possible.

To wash accidentally dripping paint from a window or a clean part of the facade is very difficult.

  • For painting the facade, it is best not to choose a very hot, cloudy day.

In bright sunshine and in a strong summer heat, the paint will dry too quickly and lie on the facade inaccurately.

  • The facade of the building must be absolutely dry before starting work.

After the rain, painting the building makes no sense — the effect of such work will be zero.

  • Before applying the main coat of paint, it is recommended to paint the facade with a primer.

On the primer, the paint will lie much better and more accurately.

  • It is very worthwhile to choose the paint depending on the material from which the facade is made.

Not all paints are equally suitable for any facade.

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