Is it possible to paint in winter

Winter is not the best time to carry out paint and varnish works. Difficulties, first of all, are connected with a minus temperature and high air humidity. This makes painting in the open air difficult. It is logical that the question arises whether it is possible to paint the facade of the house in winter and what to do if it became necessary to perform urgent repairs in the winter?

paint in winter

The temperature during the painting in the winter should be at least minus 10 degrees

Today, thanks to the modern market of paints and varnishes, the problem of painting in the winter time has become quite solvable. The temperature at which winter paint is effective is -10 ° C. The only caveat worth knowing is that winter paint dries an order of magnitude longer than normal. In this regard, the intervals between the application of the first and second layer should be at least three days, and ideally - a week. Despite the fact that the paint does not freeze in the cold, its rheology changes at –10 ° C, therefore, experts recommend using two paint buckets alternately, one of which will stand warm and the other will be used during the dyeing process.

For the decorative painting of the facades of buildings in winter, you can use paints on styrene-acrylic resins, for example, the exterior paint of the company Sherwin-Williams. Permissible minimum temperature of the painted surface and ambient air to -10 ° C. The paint is designed for painting bricks, concrete and lime-cement plaster. It forms a temperature resistant coating that has good properties and an attractive appearance.

Benjamin Moore

Special paint for winter work

The paints that are not afraid of frost, and can become an indispensable tool for those who think about the problem of whether it is possible to paint in winter, also include Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams, all-season exterior paint. Created using modern equipment, the paint is adapted to local environmental conditions. It consists of high-quality acrylic resin, and White spirit acts as a solvent. The high vapor permeability of the film, which is formed on the surface, makes it possible to use such paint in building insulation systems as a finishing material.


More tips from professionals

By the way, unused facade paint can be used as usual, with the only difference - a longer drying period. Having dealt with the question whether it is possible to paint in winter, we note that it is impossible to use front winter paint inside residential premises, since the antifreezes included in its composition do not have the best effect on people's health.

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