How to remove laminate scratches

Laminate is a comfortable, practical and beautiful type of flooring. The material allows making the whole renovation by own hands which are an undoubted bonus. However, the coating can be damaged when rearranging furniture or another reason. Many people want to know how to remove laminate scratches on themselves. In contrast to the technology of eliminating squeak, laminate material is not necessary to remove. It is enough to make certain manipulations to remove scratches.

Anti-scratches wax pencil


Anti-scratches wax pencil

Minor damage with a small depth of scratches can be repaired with a special wax pencil, which doesn’t remove defects but masks them. It’s important to choose the right wax pencil optimally matched in color. That’s why you should always keep a small part of laminate covering. A small laminate sample can solve many problems and save you a lot of time. The coating surface should be thoroughly cleaned from dirt before removing scratches. After that, the damaged channel must be filled with colored wax and then polished until the original look of the material is fully restored.

Remove laminate scratches with Putty


Remove laminate scratches with Putty

If the scratches are deep or there are pits from mechanical effects, then it is better to use a special putty to eliminate coating defects. Solving problems with the flooring is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The putty perfectly copes with large defects of the laminate. The main thing is to choose the necessary color for masking scratches. You should stick to these instructions:

  • The laminate surface should be cleaned and degreased:
  • The scratch edges must be glued with masking tape (do it carefully to avoid the dirt);
  • A putty paste is squeezed onto a non-absorbing surface and diluted with a dry to obtain the desired color (do not forget to shake the paint packaging to make a uniform consistency);
  • If the paste still got onto the clean floor, then immediately remove it with a damp cloth. Otherwise, you will have to use a solvent.

An hour later, the paste dries and there will be no trace of scratches on the laminate. A coating can be used further safely.  You can forget about unpleasant moments and avoid them in the future. Compliance with the sequence of processes will achieve a good result. Scratches on the floor are a common problem in the house. Now you have a simple and effective solution to this problem. Carefully study the shelf life of pencils and putties. Overdue material will not be able to cope with the task.

If it is impossible to return the laminate to its original appearance, then it will have to be changed. You can call us and find out how much the replacement will cost. We work in British Columbia. Call (778) 865-4107 or write to us through the feedback form.

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