How to remove old paint

Before making repairs in the house, many are faced with the task of washing off old paint. The painted surface has low adhesion to plasters, tile adhesives, building mixtures, so the new finish may not stick to the previous coating.

The process of eliminating the paintwork material should be approached with special care so as not to damage the painted surface. In this article, we will consider all the nuances of how to clean old wood and metal surfaces from old paint, as well as what needs to be considered before applying new material.

Removal of paint with metal solvent

Removal of paint with metal solvent

How to remove old paint from metal

Before painting the metal structure, rust and old paint should be removed, otherwise, the new coating will not look aesthetically pleasing and may peel off quickly. A painter from Vancouver advises using three main methods:

  1. Mechanical - the surface is treated with sandpaper or a metal brush.
  • Pros: economical, affordable tools.
  • Cons: long, product damage is possible.
  1. Thermal - the surface is heated using a blowtorch until the paint begins to peel off.
  • Pros: promptly, efficiently.
  • Cons: increased fire hazard, unsafe for health.
  1. Chemical - paint stripping with washes and solvents.
  • Pros: quick and easy.
  • Cons: increased toxicity, environmental insecurity.

The latter method is the most appropriate, since there is no risk of surface damage, and work is performed quickly, without undue effort. However, it is better to entrust such work to professionals who put safety in the first place in their work.

How to remove paint from a wooden surface

Most often, a painter from Vancouver uses two main methods to remove paint from a tree:

  1. Thermal - the surface is heated with a building hairdryer, then the old coating layer is removed with a spatula.
  • Pros: inexpensive, tool availability.
  • Cons: long, you can damage the surface.
  1. Chemical - a special liquid is used to remove old paint from wood. It penetrates deep into the layer of paint or varnish, actively softening it, after which the residues are removed with a spatula.
  • Pros: fast, comfortable, economical.
  • Cons: toxicity.
Thermal Paint Remover

Thermal Paint Remover

The chemical method is more gentle to the surface of the product. It is important to note that a solvent for removing old paint is relatively inexpensive, so it makes no sense to suffer using other methods.

How to remove old paint from a wooden door

The door must be removed from the hinges and placed horizontally on a flat surface. Before you remove the old paint from the wooden surface of the door, it is necessary to free the product from fittings and other metal elements.

A painter from Vancouver advises a solvent or a special wash should be applied to the old paintwork and leave until it swells. Softened paint is scraped off with a spatula or other tool to remove old paint. Residues are removed with sandpaper.

We remove the main part of the paint with a spatula.

How to remove old paint from window frames

The window frame needs to be removed from the canopies, after that - carefully dismantle the glass and accessories. The product is preferably placed in a horizontal position.

Most often, paint is removed from the windows with a building hairdryer. Then, with the help of a mounting knife and a spatula, the old coating is removed. Instead of a hairdryer, you can use chemicals, such as a paint thinner.

How to remove old paint from plastic

To wash old paint from plastic, use acetone-free nail polish remover or silicate glue. The first tool can be dissolved and old paint removed from plastic: a cotton pad or paint roller is moistened in a liquid, applied to the surface, and then wiped it.

A Vancouver painter advises using silicate glue to remove small droplets. It is applied to the paint and left to dry. The glue is compressed and pulls the particles of the old coating. After that, the surface is wiped dry.

How to remove old paint from the walls

From his experience, a painter from Vancouver knows that the most difficult thing is to remove the old oil paint from concrete walls.

The paintwork can be removed with solvents, but this is not recommended in poorly ventilated areas.

Heating a layer of paint with a building hairdryer

You can remove paint from the walls with a building hairdryer. The coating should be heated until it softens, and then removed with a spatula. The main disadvantage of this method is the evaporation of varnishes and paints are harmful to health.

The mechanical method of removal - using notches with an ax - is convenient for surfaces of a small area.

What else can you wipe off the old paint? Many people use a hammer drill with a brick crown or a paint picker nozzle.

Frequently Asked Questions to a Vancouver painter

Can I apply paint to old paint?

If the old coating has a thin layer and there are no defects in the form of cracks and swellings, then after sanding it is possible to apply a new layer of a similar paint coating.

Acrylic paint on the old paint is recommended to be applied in several layers, while the surface should be sanded and primed first.

Before painting the ceiling with water-based paint using old paint, the surface must be completely cleaned to make it even and smooth.

Do I need to primer old paint?

A painter from Vancouver recommends priming the old coat to eliminate defects and ensure reliable adhesion to the new coating.

If the primer is not applied to the old paint, the painted surface will quickly lose its original appearance. It is advisable to use a primer and paintwork from the same company for a more reliable and durable coating. Vancouver painter uses materials from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams

Is it possible to apply plaster to old paint?

If the surface was previously coated with oil paint, it must be completely removed, since traces of drying oil significantly reduce adhesion. In other cases, it will be enough to clean and prime the surface.

If you are not sure that you can handle this job, then don’t worry! A painter from Vancouver will always come to the rescue. Contact the company PaintCity and be sure that you will get an excellent result for an optimal budget.

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