How to Remove Paint Stains From Clothes

In our life many people have an unpleasant problem - stains paint. Not dry after painting the bench, repair work at home, children's misery - that's the reasons why your favorite clothes can get dirty. But do not worry so much - a thing spoiled by paint can be put in order if you try a bit.

Do not wait until the paint dries

It happens that the paint can be washed with a washing powder or dish soap, if the stain appeared not later than 3 hours before washing.

Gouache and watercolor paints are simply removed with the help of ordinary washing. But from the spots of oil paint will have to engage thoroughly. To begin with, take a piece of cotton wool and lightly soak it with alcohol, kerosene, turpentine or acetone - the solvent must be selected according to the quality of the fabric where the stain is found. Then, slowly rub off the spatula to remove excess paint. You need to know that acetone is not allowed to touch your favorite leather or synthetic wares. And after the amber alcohol color things can change.

How to Remove Paint Stains

It is possible to buy refined petrol from the shop, and use exactly the same way as other substances - you only need to soak the cotton swab and rub the stain. It should be remembered that the machine gasoline fired from the tank is not suitable. Untreated gasoline will probably remove the stain from the paint, but may add a few of its spots, then the thing can be thrown away.

Very careful to have things with cashmere and wool. Such products are very difficult to get rid of stains, so no acetone, no gasoline, no alcohol can be used here. When the oil paint leaves a stain on the coat or woolen jacket, moisten the place with sunflower oil, and then remove the paint with cotton wool.

Good advice on how to remove a stain from paint can be obtained from the video:

How to Remove Old Paint Stains

If you did not manage to immediately start cleaning the stains and the paint has already got into the fabric, it will take much more time and effort, and the result may not be so good.

First, with a razor or a sharp knife, you need to carefully remove the dry crust of paint, but not to cut the thing. Then, looking at what kind of fabric, soak a piece of fleece with gasoline, alcohol, oil or other means and rub. It will be necessary to wait, when the paint softens and a little depart from the fabric, then you should carefully remove it, and only then completely remove the remaining traces of the stain. This may take a lot of time, so you'll have to replace the fleece more often. At the end of the soda solution you need to soak up the place of the former spot.

take a piece of cotton wool and lightly soak it with alcohol

Contaminated with oil paint, rub the place with cotton wool soaked with kerosene or turpentine, and then with ammonia (with confidence that the color of the fabric will not change). Spots from the paint are also extracted with gasoline soap, in a mixture with turpentine 1x1. The mixture should be on the spot. When the spot is dissolved, the paint is thoroughly cleaned.

An aged stain to soak with turpentine, when the stain becomes mild, remove the paint with a solution of soda, and then warm water.

It is possible to clear the varnish stains by mixing acetone and 1 x 1 denaturat or wine alcohol. Oil patches are cleaned, like the oil paint traces.

Good advice on How to Remove Old Paint Stains can be obtained from the video:

If things are going bad - then contact a special cleaning company.

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