How to remove a wooden plinth from a floor?

The most difficult to dismantle is the old wooden plinths. It can be fixed in several ways: with glue or nails. First of all, it is necessary to look at how the plinth is attached. If nails were used for this, its caps will be clearly visible on the surface. It may be sunk into it or slightly protrude above the surface.

If the plinth is nailed to the floor (in the place where the nail is found), the side with the curved end is driven under the plinth. It’s more convenient to do this if you additionally use a pointed flat blade. Further, it will be necessary only to incline a crowbar, and the plinth will depart. You don’t need to completely pull it out. The same procedure is carried out on the next nail. And only when the plinth is raised along the entire length, it will be completely removed.

wooden plinth


Dismantle new wooden plinths

Sometimes it is necessary to dismantle new wooden plinths. It can be used again. However, the plinth may break during the work. To prevent it, dismantling begins from the edge of the wall and the material should be lifted no more than 0.4-1.2 in. Also, there should not be a long distance between the crowbar and the nail; otherwise, the baseboard can easily break. After the material is raised by this value, it is necessary to return to the first nail and raise it higher. Other places with connections are processed in the same way until the nails completely exit. If it is impossible to get close to the plinth, use a chisel. You can try to do it around the nail heads and then remove it (nails) separately as well as the plinth.

wooden plinth


If surface is not visible

Sometimes it happens that nails on the surface are not visible. Most likely they were puttied after installation. In this case, you will have to act at random, starting from the beginning of the plinth. As a rule, nails were hammered in increments of no more than 27.5 inches typically; the distance between them is 8 inches. The first nail will be located approximately 8 inches from the edge.

wall plinth


How to remove the wall plinth

It is more difficult to remove the wall plinth. In this case, it is easy to damage plaster and wallpaper on the walls. Usually, such an amount can be found in very old houses. In this case, a thin blade is pushed between the wall and baseboard. It’s an attempt to slightly widen the existing gap. Then it inserts a wooden wedge and drives it deeper with a hammer. The procedure should be repeated in increments of about 12 inches. Then, it returns to the first wedge. You will have to work this way until the plinth moves away from the wall. If the wall covering is not a pity then you can wield a plow.

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