The role of architectural decor in interior design

Always fashionable and relevant architectural facade decor, as well as decor for interior decoration, is made of modern materials using the latest technologies, as a result of which, it turns out, convey the texture and color of natural stone. And thanks to the materials used, the finished product is superior in strength and wear resistance to any natural stone. This leads to a high demand for stone decor.

decorative stone

The use and advantages of decorative stone

A variety of elements of architectural decor have a wide scope. Actively used for decorating facades of municipal, commercial buildings, private cottage, hotel and restaurant construction. In addition, the products have worked well in landscaping and landscape design. It is difficult to imagine the modern interior design of residential and commercial premises without it.

This is a justifiable solution and investment, thanks to the following product benefits:

  • does not require additional processing, the use of protective coatings and special care;
  • decorative stone is resistant to environmental influences: precipitation, including deg, solar radiation, high and low temperatures, as well as their differences;
  • the decor is resistant to high humidity, wind (the structure and density of the stone does not erode, remaining as holistic as at the time of installation);
  • it has a wide scope in the design of the interior and facade, decoration of a personal plot, arrangement of the adjacent territory to the house.

In addition, the products are presented in a wide assortment - stone, stucco decoration, small architectural forms, etc.

For example, using architectural stucco decoration is very simple, as in the future to operate. All that is needed is to pick up the material, elements (columns, moldings, panels, and so on) and lay it according to the instructions, observing the technology and applying high-quality fixing bases. Or entrust this work to an experienced tiler, preferably with experience in a sculpture workshop, because such work is different from simple tiling.

Fulfillment of the dream of an ideal home

Manufacturers offer a wide selection of ready-made decor, you can also order individual production. With this material and with the support of a qualified designer, you can realize any idea.

Of course, you also need to think about a company that will carry out construction work. If you are in British Columbia, feel free to contact PaintCity. We have experience with our favorite architectural décor.

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