How to start the roughing renovation

How to start the roughing renovation?

Often apartments are sold without renovation. This is a good opportunity to save some money and make renovation on your own. Let’s find out how to start the roughing renovation. There’s no final roughing list because it depends on the developer’s contract terms.

As a rule, you can count on such roughing stages:

  • Poured floor and prepared walls;
  • Ready-made wiring;
  • Windows and heating batteries;
  • Ready-made communications in the bathroom and kitchen.

Read the builders contract before buying a property. It helps you to avoid a lot of unpleasant nuances and save your time and money. The best option if all the work stages from the list above are done.

roughing renovation

Checking work stages

First of all, check the quality of the work done. Otherwise, you will have to spend money on roughing renovation if the walls are crooked, and the foundation is in cracks. Buy a laser level to check the coupler. The room difference from corner to corner along the diagonal should not exceed 0.08 inches. Check how the doors and windows are installed. Everything should work flawlessly. Pay attention to the external slopes. It’s a part of the façade so it must be made in any case. Buying a property in winter also has a number of nuances. Give the give maximum load to the heating system to find out if there are any leaks. Check the wiring and communications in the bathroom and kitchen.

final renovation

Final renovation

Make calculations and buy materials before you start the renovation. If you’re going to hire professionals, then all calculations will be made by them. All the problems with windows, doors, suspended ceilings, partitions and other structures should be solved before the final renovation.

Follow these roughing steps:

  • Ceiling;
  • Walls;
  • Floor.

It highly recommends starting at the ceiling renovation stage. You can paint it or make a suspension structure. If you have no experience in such type of work you should hire the professionals. Usually, work stages go from top to bottom. Working with the ceiling is the most difficult and time-consuming process. Only after this stage, you may proceed to the walls and floor. Do not skimp on quality materials. It is better to make a qualitative renovation at once. Otherwise, you will have to redo it after a certain period of time. Understanding the stages of work and accurate calculation will speed up the work and improve the final quality of the living quarters.

Roughing renovation in Vancouver

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