How to wean the cat from damage to the stretch ceiling?

Stretch ceiling — the construction is strong enough. The film can withstand a significant load. But sharp objects hurt it easier. And the cat's claws are sharp. The problem is that cats are very fond of getting under the film and spoiling it. The good news is that minor damage is easily eliminated. But it is even better not to let the animal to the restricted area at all.


The stretch ceiling attracts the cat for several reasons:

  • The animal is interested in all new items in the house. It tries to examine them immediately.
  • Various objects are reflected on the glossy surface of the film, and glare appears from the lighting fixtures. The animal wants to play with them. And if a fly sits on the film, the hunter's instinct makes your Barsik rush at her.
  • Cats attract high hard-to-reach places. The dark space between the film and the main ceiling is a real bait for an active pet.



Immediately warn — shout at the animal and beat it can not. It still does not understand what they are punishing him for.

Here are some ideas that can help:

  • Try to restrict access to the ceiling. A cat can get to it by curtains or furniture. Make these objects unpleasant for animals. Attach to the curtains or furniture double-sided tape, strips of aluminum foil, sandpaper, plastic mats with sharp protrusions.
  • Many cats do not like the smell of citrus and menthol. Spray the essential oils of lemon, orange, lime onto the ceiling itself. The good smell of vinegar, garlic, onions. As an additional tool, you can use a smelling fragrance. Do not spray curtains, as they may remain stained. Some types of furniture can also be processed in this way. But first, check to see if the stain remedies chosen by you are left.
  • Distract the cat, creating conditions for the game. You can buy a special house for an animal, or make it yourself. Place a soft mat on the windowsill. Establish a column and several platforms on which the cat can jump and sharpen claws. Attach the toy on the thread. Be creative. There are many ways to entertain the animal.

If the suspended ceiling is still seriously damaged, we recommend closing the hole with adhesive tape, and then call a specialist for repair.

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