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In the modern interior painting walls – a fashionable and popular way of finishing the premises. The walls painted with modern paint will look great. It is only necessary to choose the right paint for finishing and observe the technologies.

Types of paint

For painting condo, water-based paints are more suitable. Water-based paints are not toxic and lie on any surface. Water-based paints have a porous structure. Walls under the layer of paint «breathe». This creates a healthy microclimate in the condo. Water-based paint creates a durable, beautiful coating that retains its brightness and freshness for a long time.

When buying water-based paint, you should carefully read the label. Some types of paint are suitable only for dry rooms.

But there is a water-based paint, suitable for use in wet rooms:

  • acrylic paint
  • acrylic paint with latex
  • silicone paint
  • silicate paint

These types of paints can safely paint the walls in the kitchen and bathroom. They are not afraid of moisture, pollution, walls will be easy to wash.

Granite paint

In addition, there are trendy paints:

Granite. When the paint is applied to the wall, a pattern similar to a granite texture is obtained.

Velor. The paint contains the smallest solid particles. The surface covered with such paint, in appearance, resembles velor.

Pearlescent. Paint changes the shade of color depending on the angle of view. In this paint is the added natural mother of pearl.

Velvet. Another type of decorative paint.

Painting walls using new technologies will decorate an apartment, house, or office. It looks great in the decoration in the halls, restaurants, hotels, clubs, salons, and other similar institutions.

Preparation of walls for painting

Preparation of walls for painting

The wall should be perfectly level. The paint does not hide the defects of the surface, but on the contrary, emphasize them. The plastered wall is cleaned from the drops of the solution. Then ground with a roller, putty in two layers and sanded. Then apply another coat of primer. It is better to use an acrylic primer with antibacterial additives.

Done – you can paint!

Painting condo in British Columbia

If you live in British Columbia, you can specify how much it will cost painting condo. Then you will know how much you will save.

If you are satisfied with the price, we will gladly paint the house in Coquitlam, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Langley, Vancouver, or in another city of British Columbia.

If you think that painting is expensive, you are mistaken 🙂

We offer such prices:

  • Painting Condo with 1 bedroom - from 950 $
  • Painting Condo with 2 bedrooms - from 1400 $

At the same time, we remove all unevenness of the walls. The cost of paint is already included in the price. The painting condo is done in two layers for perfect color and durability.

Up to speedy meetings, and all easy repairs.

We will be grateful if you appreciate our post.


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  1. Vikash
    I want my condo two bedroom and a den along with 2 full bath painted. The condo is located in Guildford. Please share the cost and your availability.
    • Paint City
      Please Call (778) 865-4107
  2. Douglas Guerin
    Thanks for sharing that information! But today's “rules” about painting are much different than they were even 10 or even 5 years ago.

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