Painting cedar wood:

The cedar wood is an ideal material for decoration. In order to permanently preserve a beautiful pristine appearance of the tree should be done painting. Paint for cedar wood is the most effective protection against the negative effects of moisture, frost and high temperatures.

Choosing paint for cedar is a very important task, and it is necessary to approach it with seriousness.

Experienced masters advise to pay attention not only to the selection of paint colors, but also to its basis, composition and purpose.

Preparing  The Room Painting

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the following decisive factors:

  • the species of the tree from which the construction is made;
  • conditions under which a wooden product is operated;
  • whether there is an old layer of paint, its combination with other brands of paintwork materials;
  • in what conditions is the product of wood used - interior or exterior.

Decorators advised to pay attention to the appearance of the film after application. It can be transparent or opaque.

Now matte paint is very popular. Therefore, let's talk about this variant of painting.

There are three main options for opaque wood paints: alkyd, acrylic and oily. They differ not only in composition, but have their definite advantages for a particular type of wood.

Alkyd paint for wood

Characterized by the lowest price, high moisture resistance and resistance to the effects of atmospheric phenomena. The product covered with this type of paint can be operated even at very low temperatures.

The advantage of using is also a sufficiently rapid drying (8 - 12 hours), but the paint material does not penetrate into the wood itself.

Painters often choose alkyd paints for wood for painting entrance doors, window frames and wooden exterior structures.

Experienced masters note that the peculiarity of the application of alkyd composition is the need for thorough drying of the surface before painting. Otherwise, bubbles will appear on it, and the paint layer will quickly peel off.

Acrylic compositions for painting wood

Refers to a more modern type of paints. Choosing acrylic paints for wood, it is worth paying attention to their cost, because they are much more expensive than alkyds. However, such paints are ecological, elastic, do not have a sharp odor, since they have water as a solvent.

The cost of acrylic paints justifies itself - layers based on them are resistant to frost, wind, moisture, high temperature and ultraviolet. Painters advised, it should be remembered that this material (paint bank) can not be stored at negative temperatures.

The decorators note that the bright color of the coating remains for many years (5 to 8 years under favorable operating conditions). True, if you use a quality composition for painting wood.

Painters tell that it is easy to paint the surface with acrylic paints, using any method of applying paintwork material. The layers of paint dry quickly, deeply adhere between the fibers of the wood, the material mixes well, which allows you to create a variety of shades.

You should know that the feature of acrylic paint on wood is to provide good protection against moisture and destruction without blocking the pores of the wood. Moisture does not penetrate and wood «breathes».

Oil paints for wood

This is the least common version of paint for painting wooden surfaces. At the moment, modern manufacturers produce them in small quantities. The reason for this unpopularity is a number of shortcomings:

  • long time of drying (about a day);
  • presence of unpleasant odor;
  • probability of staining;
  • poor combination with other paintwork materials (if necessary, repainting);
  •  toxicity;
  • low wear resistance;
  • high cost, in comparison with alkyd and acrylic paints on wood.

In addition, oil paint are not very resistant to sunlight. If it is necessary to repaint the product from wood, you should also use oil paint.

Painters are advised to completely clean the surface to clean wood to paint the wood after oil paints. More about Prep Work read here.

Oil paints also have advantages: low material consumption and remarkable absorbency.

Therefore, choosing oil paint on cedar wood, it is worth remembering about all its advantages and disadvantages.

Paint for wood for outdoor use

Close attention should be paid to the choice of paint for outdoor work. Its technical characteristics are significantly different from the paint for interior painting. Choosing such paint, it is worth paying attention to its resistance to moisture, frost, high temperatures, detergent and chemical agents, decay and fungus development. It is important that it can be operated both at low and high temperatures.

Therefore, painters are advised to carefully read the composition and methods of application on the paint bank. Not a bad idea - to choose the paint on the manufacturer's website. For example, we trust Benjamin Moore.

Paint for wood: how to choose

And the most important advice from the decorators: besides the protective properties, the paint must have decorative properties in order to create a beautiful decor and interior.

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